Windows 10 USB Auto Play, Ask Me Message Stopped Working

Have you ever searched for one of the below in Google because the Windows 10 ‘Auto Play’ ‘Ask Me’ messages and sounds stopped working correctly?

  • Windows 10 USB Auto Play stopped working
  • Windows 10 USB Auto Play Ask Me message doesn’t work
  • Windows 10 notification sounds don’t work
  • Windows 10 notification messages stopped working
  • Windows 10 notification messages stopped working when I add USB

Then read on:

I like things to work how they should; so, I had to share this tip.

Working Autoplay Ask Me Messages

Working Autoplay Ask Me Messages

A couple of months ago I noted that when I added a new USB device to Windows 10, the ‘Auto Play’ ‘Ask Me’ option which was set to ‘On’ stopped working, as did the system sounds and slide out message. Instead, nothing happened.

After trying just about every setting on my PC related to ‘Auto Play’ and ‘Notifications’ and making sure I was using a compatible USB drive, I turned to the online community.

Searching online under all the above search terms and many others delivered lots of possibilities and solutions: registry fixes, installing missing files, replacing corrupt files, editing the group policy and more. However, none solved my problem.

As the issue was not stopping me working I set ‘Auto Play’ to ‘Open Folder’ which worked, just without the taskbar message and sounds.

Every now and then after being reminded of the irritation by adding a USB I would take another took another look into why the ‘Ask Me’ option didn’t work, always without joy.  Then today, I found the answer by accident – sometimes the case.

Win 10 Quiet Hours

Win 10 Quiet Hours

Turn off, the Windows 10 ‘Quiet Hours’ setting. That’s it.  OK; I should have tried it sooner.