Windows 10 USB Auto Play, Ask Me Message Stopped Working

Have you ever searched for one of the below in Google because the Windows 10 ‘Auto Play’ ‘Ask Me’ messages and sounds stopped working correctly?

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  • Windows 10 USB Auto Play Ask Me message doesn’t work
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Then read on:

I like things to work how they should; so, I had to share this tip.

Working Autoplay Ask Me Messages

Working Autoplay Ask Me Messages

A couple of months ago I noted that when I added a new USB device to Windows 10, the ‘Auto Play’ ‘Ask Me’ option which was set to ‘On’ stopped working, as did the system sounds and slide out message. Instead, nothing happened.

After trying just about every setting on my PC related to ‘Auto Play’ and ‘Notifications’ and making sure I was using a compatible USB drive, I turned to the online community.

Searching online under all the above search terms and many others delivered lots of possibilities and solutions: registry fixes, installing missing files, replacing corrupt files, editing the group policy and more. However, none solved my problem.

As the issue was not stopping me working I set ‘Auto Play’ to ‘Open Folder’ which worked, just without the taskbar message and sounds.

Every now and then after being reminded of the irritation by adding a USB I would take another took another look into why the ‘Ask Me’ option didn’t work, always without joy.  Then today, I found the answer by accident – sometimes the case.

Win 10 Quiet Hours

Win 10 Quiet Hours

Turn off, the Windows 10 ‘Quiet Hours’ setting. That’s it.  OK; I should have tried it sooner.


Windows 10 System Sounds are Quieter after Upgrade or November Update


Here is a little tip that could put your Windows 10 system sound settings back to (near to) how they were if they have gone a little quieter after the November Update.

It took me a little while to find the source of my issue; so, I thought I’d share the solution. I would recommend trying this before uninstalling and reinstalling the Realtek audio drivers (or equivalent).

Here we go:

1 Right mouse click speaker icon on task bar

2 Choose ’Sounds’

Sound Repair Instruction 1

Sound Repair Instruction 1

3 Choose ‘Playback’

4 Highlight ‘Speakers’, right click and choose ‘Properties’

Sound Repair Instruction 2

Sound Repair Instruction 2

5 Then pick the ‘Enhancements’ tab

6 Put a check mark (tick) in ‘Loudness Equalisation’

Sound Repair Instruction 3

Sound Repair Instruction 3

7 Click on OK

8 Click on OK

That’s it; now navigate through your File Explorer folders to see if your sound are back to the previous level.

Update error 80242016 installing KB2952664 on Windows 7


Covering how I sort the Windows update errors that I deal with is something that I have been meaning to do for a while.  While I don’t have time to provide solutions for previous errors I will try to document the new ones.

So, today I was updating my desktop PC running Windows 7 X64 Home Premium when I ran into the update fail error code 80242016 when installing update KB2952664.  Breaking it down, the update error code 80242016 is commonly due to a break in the internet connection while installing the update or possibly a firewall interrupting the install.

Update KB2952664 is a recommended update; therefore, don’t be too concerned.  In fact, you may wish to leave it altogether; the update helps Microsoft make improvements to the current operating system in order to ease the upgrade experience to the latest version of Windows; read more here.

To resolve the failed installation I searched for the failed update in Programs and Features/Installed Updates, then I right clicked the update and chose uninstall to remove the failed update.

Finally, I restated the PC and ran windows update again which found the same update.  So, I chose to install it again and it worked fine this time.

More info can be found on Microsoft Tech net here.