Windows 10 System Sounds are Quieter after Upgrade or November Update


Here is a little tip that could put your Windows 10 system sound settings back to (near to) how they were if they have gone a little quieter after the November Update.

It took me a little while to find the source of my issue; so, I thought I’d share the solution. I would recommend trying this before uninstalling and reinstalling the Realtek audio drivers (or equivalent).

Here we go:

1 Right mouse click speaker icon on task bar

2 Choose ’Sounds’

Sound Repair Instruction 1

Sound Repair Instruction 1

3 Choose ‘Playback’

4 Highlight ‘Speakers’, right click and choose ‘Properties’

Sound Repair Instruction 2

Sound Repair Instruction 2

5 Then pick the ‘Enhancements’ tab

6 Put a check mark (tick) in ‘Loudness Equalisation’

Sound Repair Instruction 3

Sound Repair Instruction 3

7 Click on OK

8 Click on OK

That’s it; now navigate through your File Explorer folders to see if your sound are back to the previous level.