bigint Says Welcome

Door mat with welcome written onHi, I’m the owner of bigint web design Huddersfield and I’d like to welcome you to the inaugural bigint blog.  We offer more than just web development services, so if you would like to know more about bigint or myself please go to the about page or visit our site.

Why are we blogging?

Bigint is a fan of the Boostrap suite of components.  Our use of Boostrap in responsive designs introduced me last week to Jetstrap, a straight forward development environment designed to make developing with Boostrap easier.

Using Jetstrap is a compromise in my opinion, the exchange of complexity for speed.  Although Jetstrap does not have the technicality to support most of our work at bigint the app is a great starting point for new Boostrap developers and great for building responsive sites that use Bootstrap components.

Jetstrap has no pretentions and it’s free.  Even better, the kind guys at Jetstrap offer free hosting for three pages online.  I was so impressed by the customer service provided by the guys at Jetstrap that I promised to give them a shout in the blog.  Why not take a look at the bigint Jetstrap pages that I ‘quickly’ made?

While thinking of an excuse to put a few pages together in order to try out Jetstrap I decided to start the blog that had been on the back burner for a long time.  I ended up using WordPress, but the fact is I’m blogging.

My work is challenging.  There never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything done that I would  like; however, ever since completing my academic studies at university I have felt that something is missing; therefore, a blog will hopefully fill that gap.

A blog is also an opportunity for me to promote bigint.  Our ability to offer customers development and strategic organisational improvement services is rare and something we are proud to shout about.

I had plenty of topics for possible blogs on the back burner too, some of which were subjects that I wanted to provide a perspective or opinion on; others were driven by a motivation to share my work the same way others had helped me in the past.

Time allowing, future blogs themes are: code tips, free pages and sites that I have built; issues that arise from customer feedback; new industry developments and answers to error messages and development problems that I sadly keep solutions to.

The first blog though is going to look at some negative experiences that our customers have shared with us about the contact that they had with some of our peers during and after commissioning a business website for the first time.

It’s my opinion that the blog may help some people in the blogosphere, so please take a look.